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We have made a couple of parts for the AR-15 . We have made both a gas block and a flash hider/suppressor. Both parts are made of 17-4PH mat'l. The gas block is only 1.3 oz and the Flash Hider/Suppressor is only 2.7 oz. These parts are only the beginning. We are starting to make different… Read More >

New and larger equipment

On August 3rd we moved out the 1st CNC Milling Machine we ever bought. It has served us well and at 32 years old it still cuts like it is new. But it was time to replace it for our biggest Vertical Mill to date. The new machine is a Doosan DNM6700 with travels of… Read More >

Zeiss Contura CMM

We have added a new Zeiss Contura CMM to our facility. The project took approximately 6 weeks from the start of construction till the final installation of the CMM. With the addition of this machine it will help in the manufacture of higher quality, more consistent parts. Read More >

August 2017: New Machine

As demand grows, production grows, and our facilities list grows with it!  We added our second 2017 DNM4500 Milling center and a new Employee to run it. We currently are at 13 fulltime employees and one, part time employee. We could not be where we are today without our Customers and our dedicated team. Read More >

June 2017: Machinery Added

With the growing demand from our customers, we have the need to add more equipment to keep up. We added a 2017 Doosan DNM4500 Milling Center and a 2017 Doosan Lynx 220C Lathe.  This will greatly increase our productivity in both our Mills and our Lathes. The DNM4500 is an add on and the Lynx… Read More >

August 2016: Growing Again

Additional Doosan DNM400 added to our fleet. With the added machines, we have added to our team as well. We are up to 11 full time employees and one, part time employee. We are growing still, and hope this trend continues. Customer satisfaction, and keeping our employees happy, remain two of our top priorities. Read More >

May 2015: More New Machines

Move in day for the second Doosan DNM500. This was a new addition for us as we did not replace any machinery with this. This also helped aid our production times and capabilities. Read More >

September 2014: New Machinery added

Almost one year to the day of move in, we added in our very first piece of brand new equipment. Although the older machines have served us well (and are still running) we decided to replace the Mazak with a 2014 Doosan DNM500. With the new machine came new software and upgraded abilities to produce… Read More >

September 2013: M&S Precision builds new facility

After filling up the 4500sq. foot space and up to 10 full time employees, we saw more growth in the future. Mike and Dave decided it was time to invest in their own business, and build a new facility to be the permanent home for M&S.  Although the build was quick, it seemed like forever… Read More >

March 2010: Space Added

By 2010, we had added a 1979 Vertical Milling center, a 1998 Mazak, and a second 1996 Daewoo Puma Lathe and a 2000 Mori Seiki SL153. With all the added equipment and staff, we were out of space. With the thought of moving again, we spoke with our land lord about available space. Lucky for… Read More >