M&S Precision™ Testimonials

"For over 5 years M&S Precision™ has been supplying key sub-components for our high tech solutions to the pulp & paper industry. This continued relationship is based on their exceptional performance regarding delivery, quality and cost competiveness. M&S always meets our high level requirements and expectations, additionally they are extremely responsive to “hot” deliveries along with offering innovative ideas and suggestions. I believe our relationship with M&S Precision™ has played a vital part in our success and growth and I would recommend them as an answer to your manufacturing / machining needs."

John French, Senior Product Engineer

"As the owner of Red Eye Trolling Lures it is with great confidence that I entrust my manufacturing needs to M & S Precision™. I have over 30 years in Aircraft machining myself and I can tell you one thing....when it comes to quality they have a great crew and unbelievable customer support. Simply stated, they are the best!"

Marty Hatcher
Red Eye Trolling Lures, LLC

"M&S Precision™ is an amazing business partner and operator. Our work together has been honest, true and beneficial to both parties. I greatly enjoy working with Mike and Dave at M&S Precision as they are focused, driven and willing to listen to all available options. This has made our relationship productive and therefore very successful."

Craig Seybolt, Vice President
Corporate Banking Officer

"I’ve worked M&S Precision™ since they started. Every time their quality and delivery has exceeded my expectations."

Doug Vaughn
Doty Machine Works

"M&S Precision™ takes the stress out of sourcing machined and turned parts. Mike, Jo-Lynn, Dave and their crew always come through with their dedicated work ethic and knowledge of the trade. I consider them our best machined part vendor with consistent on-time delivery of quality parts. I would recommend them 100% of the time and they have always been a pleasure to do business with."

Jason Eichorst
Precision Valve & Automation

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